About The Game is the latest game from Miniclip – the creator of If you ever play then you will be very familiar with since they are the same in gameplay. (or Slitherio) is the remake of Nokia “Snake” game when you control a snake to eat as much as it can to be longer. The longer you are, the better your position on the scoreboard. It’s fun, addictive and competitive.

Playing is easy but is it easy to be on top 10 of the game? Now take a look at the leaderboard! As you can see, the number of players is always over 200. 200 COMPETITORS!  And I forget to tell you this: your snake can die! Whenever you touch in a middle of another snake, your snake will die, and you will need to start again…. until you get mad…

What is Booster? Booster is the tool to help you get much  better experience with speed enhanced booster, skins changer, score booster and many more features that make your snake unbeatable.

How to get Booster?

Currently, there are 2 boosters that works best on our accounts: Booster developed by our team and one is the extension of the browser. What is the better one between 2 best tool? Of course our booster is better. Because no tool can give you the ability to multiply your score and speed!

Rivaloguides Booster

To boost the game….hmm…no…to help you control your madness and enjoy the game we developed a small booster tool. Its main function is to boost your snake speed but then we decide to work on it a little bit so now you (can) be a god in the game. The features will be listed below. What makes our tool the beast is that it runs completely online, from our servers, and accessible through any browsers. No matter what device you are using: iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. As long as they have Safari, Chrome, Firefox…our booster is ready to use for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Speed booster
  • Multiply score (up to x1000)
  • Lengthening snake (double, triple)
  • Leaderboard options (first/last position, hidden, disable)
  • Other options: God mode, invisibility…
  • Support all devices
  • Automatic update
  • Server secure
  • Skin changer


  • Sometimes it doesn’t work on speed feature (because the server is overloaded and update in progress)


To access the booster just click on blue button above.

  1. Enter your in-game username
  2. Choose any options you want
  3. Click Start and take a cup of coffee
  4. Enjoy!

Disclaimer & Notice

The booster is for educational purpose only. We won’t take any responsibility to the action of the user using the tool.

If it works you will be redirected to our Congrats page with the countdown to the next time you can use. If it doesn’t work, you will be redirected to the alternative method: the extension of the browser.

Extension of Chrome Browser

This works best with our booster. Even though it doesn’t have god mode, speed and score booster but using it you have ability to auto-play and zoom in/out the map. Note that it’s working only on PC/Laptop with Chrome browser installed.


  • Zoom in/out
  • Skin changer
  • Auto-play
  • Custom the skins

You can read more about this on its extension page.


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