Simcity BuildIt Generator Tool To Get Unlimited Resouces

About  The Game

SimCity BuildIt is a remake of SimCity 2013 for iOS on the App Store and Android on the Play Store. It is a freemium game, which means that the player can play without buying virtual currency, although they can use real money to speed up progress. It has 3D graphics and similar gameplay to the rest of the series, adding social media features to interact with other players. [Wikipedia]

This game gives you the ability to be the mayor of your city. You will have to make the most appealing city that you can and you will have to fulfill all of the needs that your people need. You will have to bring your city to life by using the resources in the game. You will see that the resources are wanted by all of the players and a lot of them try to get as much as they can. There may be instances in the game where you will have to get a different amount of resources that you won`t have. In order to keep your citizens in this game happy you will need to get those resources. The game offers you some rewards in you compete with other players across the world. This is when you will probably need as many resources as you can get.

How To Get Unlimited Simcity Buildit Simcash & Simoleons?

To get Simcity Buildit resources there are 3 methods that people usually use: Online Generator, modded game files and game data modifier (changer). Online Generator is the best method out of three with easy-to-use interface and support all devices. We will go into detail of each method.

Method 1: Online Resources Generator

This Simcity Buildit Generator offers you the possibility to gain as many resources as you want in order to have and advantage than all of the other players. You will manage to get any amount of Simoleons and you will also get any wanted SimCash without any problems. In case you needed some Keys you will also find this new Simcity Buildit Generator pretty useful because it will add all of the wanted amount of keys to your game. Simply take advantage of this one because it will be protected. Thanks to the Anti-Ban Script no one will know about the difference of your account. This Simcity Buildit Generator connects to the main server of the game based on a secured connection. This is due to an exploit that one of the members of our team found in the game. You should be using this one right away because the exploit may be resolved by the admins of the game.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited Simoleons
  • Unlimited SimCash
  • Unlimited Keys
  • No download needed
  • No root/jailbreak required
  • Support all devices
  • Easy to use
  • Game updatable
  • Game save working
  • Automatic update
  • Free of charge


  • Sometimes it doesn’t work (rarely because of too many connections or in update progress)

How To Use

Click on the button below:

  1. Enter Your username
  2. Choose platform (Android/iOS)
  3. Select the Region area from the list
  4. Click “Connect”
  5. Choose the amount of resouces you need
  6. Click “Generate”
  7. Wait a few seconds until it adds the resources
  8. Enjoy

Disclaimer & Notice

This generator is developed only for educational purpose. We won’t take any responsible for the action of the users from utilizing the tool.

In case it doesn’t work you will be redirected to the method 2 and 3 (sorry if that happens to you)

Method 2: Modded Game Files

Unless method 1 doesn’t work, you can use method 2. All you will need to do is downloading game files which are modified already to have unlimited resources and copy them into some folders on your device. The minus point of this method is that no one knows where the files come from so it could be dangerous using them.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited resources if the setup is correct


  • Download needed (virus potential)
  • Hard to setup
  • No support iOS and some Android devices
  • No game update
  • No game save
  • Offline mode only


To get files please send a request to us through the form on Contact page.

Method 3: Game Data Modifier

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited resources with the right setup


  • Download needed
  • Only support rooted Android devices
  • VERY HARD to setup
  • No game update
  • No game save
  • Offline mode only

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  1. I’m not sure if my username is wrong or if it doesn’t work.Do I put my city name or Google play username or Google play email and after all that I go in the game and I don’t get my recourse.Whoever helps me is a genius and a legend

  2. I also found this methhood there how to hack android or ios simcash and simoleons.I think it’s great.

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