Hill Climb Racing 2 Unlimited Resouces Tutorial

About The Game

Hill Climb Racing 2 is 2D racing game developed by FingerSoft – the dedicated game company. It’s the most famous racing game following the successor Hill Climb Racing which reached around 300 Millions Installs on Google Play alone. Currently this app is available on various mobile OS including Android, iOS and Windows with cloud saving fully integrated.

In the game, players will drive his vehicle to the furthest distance in a stage, traversing many hills and pass through obstacles. Even though the gameplay is easy to understand, the game is not easy itself. First, you have to keep the vehicle balance when climbing the hills or pass the obstacles or your character can be dangerous. Second, while driving, you need to manage the fuel. If you run out of fuel then your game is end. While fuel can be fulfilled by collecting fuel canisters appear in a stage, to protect your character you can practice to be good player or unlock/upgrade game items. The new feature of Hill Climb Racing 2 is that it supports multiplayer with tournament mode making the game more fun and challenging. The game has its currencies called “Coins” & “Diamonds” – by which you will use to unlock new stages, new vehicles or upgrade previously unlocked vehicles. Coins can be earned by playing games but it’s slow and might destroy your experience while Diamonds just can be purchased using real money.

Unlimited Hill Climb Racing 2 Resources? Can it be?

Spending money on the game is not a good idea. That’s why people are seeking for the game “cheat” which helps them quickly get new items or upgrade the vehicles. Currently, there are 2 ways to “cheat” the game: the resouces generator and prehacked modded APK

Using Resouces Generator

This is the best method to get unlimited coins & diamonds. Hill Climb Racing 2 Generator is developed to help you generate as many coins & diamonds as you want without playing endless games. It’s easy to use, straight to the point tool that do no other bull work. Cloud-based system brings the generator to the new level since you can access the tool in anywhere on any devices as long as it has browser like: Safari, Chrome, Firefox… The tool is still updated every few days to follow the latest version released from FingerSoft.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • All devices supported
  • Unlock all vehicles
  • Unlock all stages
  • Update automatically
  • Working on any mode (even multiplayer mode)


  • Sometimes not working
  • Dev has to spend money on servers, update

How To Use

To access our hack click on “Access Hack” blue button.

  1. Enter your Play/iTunes store’s registered email
  2. Click “Connect”
  3. Choose the number of coins & diamonds you want (Max 999,999/day)
  4. Click “Generate”
  5. Wait a few seconds
  6. Restart the game and enjoy!

Note: some times our system is flooded by many connections or detect hacking activities from rivals so you will need to verify your connection. In this case, the new piece of instructions will show up for you to follow to complete the process.

Using Prehacked Modded APK

This is the game files which has been pre-modified to have unlimited coins before players download. What you have to do is just to download the game files, copy them to the few folders on the phone and start playing with unlimited resouces already.


  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Working all the time
  • Dev doesn’t have to update


  • Hard to use/install
  • Need download (virus potential)
  • Not working on multiplayer mode (just offline)

The link to download modded files will be added soon.


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