How To Get Unlimited Monster Legends Gold, Food & Gems

About the game

Monster Legends is the game developed by socialpoint – who created the very popular mobile game Dragon City. Monster Legends is still updated frequently, the latest update is on Feb 23, 2016. New update comes with technical improvement, bug fixes & new creatures, monsters and other content. The game works on both iOS and Android system and you can download from iTunes or Google Play store free of charge.

In fact, Monster Legends is very similar to Dragon City especially in game play. The difference is that in this game you will feed, nurture and bleed monsters not just dragon like in Dragon City. socialpoint is very good at creating cute creatures from dragons in Dragon City and now also the monsters in Monster Legends. Your mission is to feed and nurture baby monsters then bleed them to make new monsters. After they grow up you can train them to fight with other monsters. The more monsters you have and higher level they are, the more food and islands you will need to nurture them. All monsters can eat food and all monster islands can be purchased using gold. Besides food and gold, the most precise currency is gems. Using gems you can speed up everything and even buy gold & food. While gold & food can be earned by playing game, gems just can be collected by watching video ads or buying using real money from store.

Get Unlimited Monster Legends Resources

Using Online Generator

This is the best way to get unlimited resources to the game. The tool will help you generate as much resources as you want. No more barrier to speed up the game, buying islands or waiting food to be produced from farm. Just using the generator and your account will be flooded with unlimited resources ready to use every time you need them. The hack tool runs completely on cloud server so you don’t have to download anything. In addition, it is updated the tool automatically for bug fixes, new features and more.

To access the tool just click on “Access Hack” blue button

  1. Enter your in-game username or Store registered email
  2. Choose the amount of resources you want
  3. Click “Generate now” button
  4. Wait until the tool finish generating
  5. Restart the game and enjoy!

Note: sometimes the tool needs to verify your connection due to lots of simultaneous request or server attacking activities. In this case the new instructions will show for you to complete the process.

Using Modded APK

If the generator doesn’t work (sometimes) you can download the modded apk (prehacked game file). This will surely work, when opening the modded game you already have unlimited gold & gems, but you can’t play with other people. The modded Monster Legends is offline version. Moreover, the installation is hard for most people as it needs to copy and paste files into some folders of the phone. I will add the link to download the latest modded file later.


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