How To Get Unlimited FIFA 16 Coins & Points (Updated 2017)

About The Game

If you wanted to play football in a game than FIFA 16 is the right one for you. As you probably know, this game is all about playing football while having fun. You can play against other players or you can simply play against a computer. You will see that this game offers the experience you need in order to feel just like the players in a real football match. In this game you will have to control the ball and score as much as you can. Your goal will be to defeat your opponents and win different tournaments and cups. There are some points that also help you in the game such as Coins and FIFA Points. A lot of players struggle to get those points and this is why it may be hard to get them in the game.

How To Get Unlimited FIFA 16 Coins & Points?

In order to get FIFA 16 resources there will be 3 options for you to choose: online generator, trading on the market or using point-2-card exchange sites.

Method 1: Online Generator

FIFA 16 Generator will help you prevent from spending any money on buying resources in the game because it will do all of the work for you. This work will be done for free and you just have to wait a few moments until any of your wanted Coins or Points will be added to the account. This tool has been developed by our hard working team that managed to find an exploit in the main server of the game. Thanks to this loophole we can bring to you this new FIFA 16 Online Generator and if you decide to use it you won`t have troubles ever again. This one is secured and your private data is going to be hidden from being discovered so you can enjoy it without worrying about banning strike of the game.

Pros & Cons

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Points
  • No download needed to use it
  • Easy to use and even a kid can take advantage of it
  • Supported on any devices
  • Secured by an Anti-Ban option
  • No root/jailbreak required
  • Game updatable
  • Generate resources very fast (in a minute)

How to use

Click on the blue button below to access the generator.

  • Put any amount of FIFA Points or Coins you want to receive
  • Click on Generate
  • Input your info and your in-game username
  • Choose any platform you want
  • Click on the Continue option in order for the features to start adding
  • Wait a minute
  • Enjoy this one every time you want.

Disclaimer & Notice

This tool is completely developed for educational purpose only. We take no responsibility for the action of the users with it.

In case the tool doesn’t work (rarely), you will be redirected to the method 2. Sorry if that happens to you.

Method 2: Trading on the market

If you ever sell something you might already know how it work. You will buy low and sell for the higher price so you can keep the profit. FIFA 16 as well as FIFA Mobile Soccer (FIFA 17) has this feature. It allows players buy/sell items and football stars that they possess. Not a quick way to get coins like Method 1 but it’s still worth checking out because who knows if some days EA request us to close the generator we will have to.

How to trade

Here is the guide on how to trade for FIFA 16

Method 3: point-to-card exchange sites

Using some sites/apps you can earn points then redeem the giftcard you want like Amazon, XBox, PS gitcards…

Some legit apps are applike, appnana, featurepoints

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