Dragon City Unlimited Resources Tutorial

About The Game

Dragon city is a wonderful game which accelerates your love for dragons. In this incredibly enjoyable game, you get a chance to breed over one hundred and fifty types of dragons which are all different. This game injects a new sense of fun and thrill as it has a huge dragon farm and zoo which keeps the gaming spirit on.

The game is a big hit among its players as it supports a variety of languages and is thus popular all over the world. The only thing which hampers the continuity of game is its limited resources. After the player reaches the ten level points it becomes difficult for the technical player in the game to survive. Therefore the need to buy more gems arises. The makers of the game have offered different options. The minimum offer is to buy twenty-five gems which cost around $1.99 and it goes on increasing till it reaches its maximum level of seven hundred gems which costs $99.99. These gems are the source to purchase gold, food packs, and decorations. Gems speed up the expansions and buy more powerful and special dragons. These resources keep on diminishing as the player move ahead in the game and, therefore the player has to spend real money to purchase them.

How to get unlimited Dragon City Resources?

There are 3 methods to get Dragon City resources flooding into your account: Online Generator, premodded game files and using some game data changer. We will discuss more about them right below.

Online Generator

The best solution for Dragon City resources is the working online generator. The main purpose of this tool is to help people (like you) generate as much resources as they want into their game account. The cloud-based system technology brings the tool to the new level with automatically updated & usable everywhere ability. No download is required to use, all you have to do is to access it on your device, add game ID and choose the number of each resource you need. That’s it!


  1. Free unlimited resources: With this tool you can have unlimited amounts of resources. It allows you to have Dragon city hack gems with which you can have gold, food and other materials in unlimited amounts without paying even a penny for it!
  2. User-friendly interface: Dragon city generator tool is quite user oriented as it does not require any downloading. All you have to do is to type in your username, choose the resources and click Generate button. It takes merely 20 seconds to refill your resources and make you an owner of unlimited resources.
  3. No virus risk: This is based on a technology known as cloud-based generator. The Dragon city tool makes it run on your device without downloading anything. This makes it free of all types of virus risk. So this means that now you can have expensive paid currencies with this awesome online generator without spending your precious and hard earned money.
  4. Compatible: this tool works wonderfully on both android and iOS devices. Also, the developers offer live support which is available round the clock. You can download the gems, gold and food at any time while playing the game.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited resources (gems, gold, food)
  • No limit time use
  • Support all devices
  • No download needed
  • Automatic update
  • Game updatable
  • Safely generate directly into your Play/iTunes account
  • Easy to use


  • Sometimes it doesn’t work (server overloaded or update in progress)
  • Need money to buy servers and development expense

How To Use

To access the generator just click on the big blue button above

  • Enter your username/Email registered to Play/iTunes store
  • Choose the number of each resource you desire
  • Click Generate Now (Note: if you don’t put your username, the button won’t show)
  • Wait a minute until the process is finished
  • Restart the game and enjoy

Disclaimer & Note

The generator is for educational purpose only. We don’t take any responsibility to the action of the user using the tool.

If the tool works you will be redirected to the Congrats page. In case it doesn’t, a method 2 and 3 will be shown for you.

Premodded game files

When you setup the game files into your phone (mostly copy paste files into some folders) you will have unlimited gems, gold and food to use. The problem is that you can’t update the game.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited resources after setup successfully


  • Hard to setup
  • Download needed (virus potential)
  • Can’t update the game
  • Can’t save the game
  • Not working on iOS devices and some Android phone

If you want the link to download please find it in the social box below.

Game data changer

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited resources after successfully setup


  • Very hard to setup
  • Working on Root Android devices only, no support for iOS!
  • Download needed (but safer)
  • Can’t update the game
  • Can’t save the game

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