Boom Beach Unlimited Resources

About The Game

Boom beach is an action strategy game developed by Supercell, the makers of the highly successful hit titles Clash of Clans & Clash Royale. As a player, you can take to battle other players or against the computer. Boom Beach’s gameplay is much alike its predecessor’s Clash of Clans in terms of storyline where a player on an island forms defenses and organizes his troops ready to fight to death.

Boom Beach is compatible with iOS platforms. Thus it works so well on the iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad. Although Boom Beach is available for free download, players eventually may end up spending on in-app purchases in order to advance faster by upgrading.

Boom beach is really awesome game, it is similar to clash of clans but must of people say it’s much better. The gameplay may be similar but when you look deeply you will see that everything is different from graphics, sound, battles…

Graphics in game is better than Clash of Clans and improved, the good engine makes it look nice and render fast so you don’t need to have better device to play it. When it comes to a sound it’s really amazing thing they done, the effects are amazing and game music too.  Also you will be able to grow up much bigger army and dominate your land and invade others. On that way you will meet a lot of enemies that you need to defeat and you will attack other islands explore and expand. While you exploring map don’t go too far cause other gamers can attack you and destroy your base.

One of the most notable characteristics of Boob Beach, and perhaps a factor that gives it an edge against other action games, is that it is rich in choices of strategy. The pre-battle strategy, real-time attack and timely support blend in to form a uniquely engaging gaming experience that other games in app stores can’t easily catch up with. The combat system grants you greater control over your own fate.

Unlimited Boom Beach Diamonds & Other Resources?

If you are seeking for the way to get unlimited Boom Beach resources, especially the game premium currency called “Diamonds” then the best method is to purchase directly from in-app game store. We found it’s error-free and less pressure using in-app purchasing. The problem is, it costs real money, and it costs a lots! That’s why we all need a better solution: unlimited Diamonds/Resources, free of charge.

There are 2 main methods that can help you achieve your dream: online Diamonds Generator, hire a skilled people who can help you earn Diamonds/buy an account with full of Diamonds already.

Online Generator

With Boom Beach Generator you will be able to dominate the game. It is free to play which is awesome thing, it is becoming even more popular because of that. The only drawback is, it is not working sometimes as server overloaded or update from SuperCell (but it’s safe!)


  • Unlimited Diamonds/Resources
  • Easy to use
  • Free of charge
  • 100% Safe for account
  • Generate directly into your Play account
  • Support All Devices
  • Update automatically

How To Use

To access the generator just click on the blue button above.

  • Type in your Boom Beach username/Email registered with Play/iOS store
  • Choose the number of Diamonds (smaller number will have higher chance of success)
  • Click “Generate Now” and wait a minute until it finishes the process
  • Restart the game and enjoy


This is for educational purpose only. We won’t take any responsibility to the action of user who use the generator.

Hire a skilled player who can farm Diamonds for you

With a small fee you can hire a Diamonds farmer. They are skilled people who know the best about the game, and know how to farm Diamonds the fastest way. Small fee, not expensive like purchasing from game store!

If you really want to know how, where to find farmers just get the tutorial below, in the social locker box.


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