8 Ball Pool Online Hack – How To Get Cash & Chips

About The Game

8 Ball Pool is an online mobile billiard-themed pool simulation operated by Miniclip, a popular game company based in Italy, England, Portugal and Switzerland. The game was released in  2010 and quickly became famous with more than 100 millions downloads on Google Play Store alone and thousands of players everyday. 8 Ball Pool is free-to-play on Android, iOS and playable on any flash-enabled browser.

In 8 Ball Pool, right after a player open the game, he will see a very big Play button. To join a match with a random opponent, a player just need to tap/click on Play button and everything will be set. No need to register, no need to choose anything. When joining a match, each player spend an amount of chips to a pool, all the chips will be moved to the winner. A player will have to enter the tough games and high ranked games after winning each level. So that he will earn as many chips as they can and then spend them in the pool for purchasing the new things in the game. There are 2 currencies used in the game: chips/coins and cash. The best way to get as many chips and cash as you want is to buy in in-app store with real-world money.

How To Get Unlimited 8 Ball Pool Chips & Cash

Currently, there are 2 methods that can help you get 8 Ball Pool resources for free: Online Generator and Point-2-Card Sites.

Method 1: Online Generator

Spending money on a game is a waste, that’s why the generator is developed. A generator is a tool to help people get as much cash and chips as possible without throwing real hard earned money to the game. It has friendly interface, anti-block and runs on any browsers on any kind of devices such as Wimdows, Windows Phone, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. No download needed, no root or jailbreak required. The tool is used by thousands of people each day, they surely have a better and fun game experience.


  • Unlimited Chips/Coins
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports All devices
  • Virus free
  • No download needed
  • Safe

How To Use

Click on the blue button to open our generator.

  1. Click/tap on Add/minus button to choose your desired amount of Chips and Cash
  2. Click “Generate”
  3. Enter your username and choose the platform (Android/iOS/Browser)
  4. Click “Continue” and wait a minute
  5. Restart the game and enjoy!

Disclaimer & Notice

The generator is made for educational purpose only. We take no responsibility to the action of the users with it.

In case it doesn’t work (rarely) you will be redirected to the method 2.

Method 2: Point-2-Card Exchange Sites

This is an alternative to method 1. Basically, you will work to get Play/Appstore giftcards. First, you need to register to some sites or apps that provide point2card platform like Applike, Appnana, Featurepoints… Then complete some small tasks to get points, when you have enough points go to their redeem page and exchange for the giftcards you need.

Tip: best payout and more tasks are for tier 1 countries (US, CA, UK, AU, etc), get a VPN and change IP to them.

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  1. just got resources added on my iphone. so can confirm, it does work. thanks for this incredible share

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  3. Can you do this for me? My name is Peter on Android. I’d like max coins and cash, Please and thank you!

  4. can you please do it for me my Username is Rahat Device is Android I just want 5000 Cash please please

  5. Didn’t work at first and I thought it was scam. But I used again and it worked like a magic.. oh boy!

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